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MailBack "The Airport Envelope"

According to the Transportation Security Administration, more than 17.5 million items have been intercepted since February 2002 at our airports alone, not including federal, state, and local government buildings.

Are you part of this statistic?

If so, is for you. You, who have been directly affected by the new security realities of our time.

At MailBack, we support our nation’s response to public safety, while we recognize and empathize with your collective frustration at the loss of valuable or sentimental items. This site has been created in an unprecedented move by the leaders of the cutlery industry - manufacturers of everything sharp, metal, and pointy. We are here for you, to educate and provide solutions to protect you from these unfortunate circumstances.

Our Purpose is threefold:

  1. To inform the public of current airline security rules and procedures.
  2. To introduce you to MailBack THE AIRPORT ENVELOPE, a personal property return system available at airports.
  3. To provide an opportunity to replace confiscated items at reduced prices.

A simple click will take you to the Transportation Security Administration’s site. This site will educate you about the current security rules, and includes a comprehensive list of items prohibited for air travel.

In our effort to help protect your possessions, we have created MailBack THE AIRPORT ENVELOPE, a personal property return system available at or near airport security checkpoints. MailBack is a pre-stamped envelope designed for those occasions when you discover you have forgotten to properly pack a pocketknife, multi- tool or some cherished item that you cannot take with you into a secured area.

If you are among the millions of people who have lost items due to national security interest, your industry hosts are pleased to extend special discounts on all replacement items. This offer is available at select retailers or our Online Store.

As industry sponsors, we thank you for your past and future business. Your loyalty to our brands has helped make us industry leaders, and we shall continue to work in your best interest. We also would like to thank the Transportation Security Administration and those dedicated people who are commited to making our world a safer place.

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