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The airport and airplane security rules and regulations in this chart represents information gathered from the TSA the FAA and interviews with security people at our nation's airports.

It shows what items are allowed and which are prohibited. What you can bring and can't take on board. Some of information comes from the airlines as they have particular rules for things to go on airplanes. When going through airport security checkpoints and the metal detectors, using the information here will make it easier for you to understand the airport & airplane security rules making traveling through airports faster to your destination.

It shows how to handle simple everyday items when approaching the security checkpoint.

Answers the question:

What can take on airplanes?
What items cannot go on Airplanes?
What are the airport security rules?

Can I take a ______ aboard an aircraft?

The list includes; knives, scissors, razor blades, guns, handguns, alcohol, wine, beer, golf clubs, corkscrew, self-defense sprays, pepper spray, tear gas, tweezers, nail clippers, swords, spray cans, and more…


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