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SELF DEFENSES Incorporated

Established in 1989 in New York City, SELF DEFENSES has grown to become a national distributor and manufacturer of preparedness products. We provide products that make Americans safer and more secure in their daily lives. As a result, SELF DEFENSES is the brand that the public has come to trust. Due to 9/11 and recent national threats, SELF DEFENSES has been catapulted into the homeland security market place.

SELF DEFENSES is best known for our flagship product FORCE spray and our expertise in marketing and distributing flashlights. In addition, we also supply travel security, and manufactures MailBack the airport envelope.

You will find our products at a pharmacy or at a variety of other quality retail stores near you. MailBack is sold at airports.

One of the foundational goals of the company is to enable the public to protect themselves and their property without the use of lethal weapons. We believe that by the introduction of our product, FORCE Spray, we provide a better, safer way to protect one's self than a handgun and ultimately replace handguns as the weapon of choice.

FORCE spray is a powerful chemical irritant in a small hand held spray device. FORCE spray offers extremely effective, non-lethal protection for the purpose of self-defense and is safer to keep on your person, in your home and at your workplace then a handgun.

MailBack also known as the airport envelope is a pre-packaged, pre-stamped, bubble lined envelope. Made of DuPont™ Tyvek® brand protective material. Also included is “point safe”, a patent pending sheath designed to protect sharp points from piercing the envelope from the inside, plus a pen.

We are a major distributor of professional, emergency and personal flashlights as well as spare parts and accessories. The quality and scope of these flashlights means that you are unlikely to find them in your typical hardware store.

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