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Force Spray      "Handgun Substitute" .

Defense sprays originate from a concept developed by the Smith & Wesson corporation for the US military that then went on to be adopted by virtually every police officer in the US and is now finally available to the general public in the form of FORCE spray. After many years of development and refinement this state of the art tool can now be found at your local retailer.( Sold only through pharmacies in the state of NY.)

Force Spray is a super strong liquid irritant, contained under pressure in an aerosol formula and capable of being projected 8 - 12 feet. When shot into the face of an assailant Force Spray causes a painful burning sensation in the eyes and promotes difficulty with breathing. Effects vary from person to person but in most instances even the smallest exposure to FORCE spray causes the attacker to immediately close their eyes and desist from the attack as they deal with the pain, temporary choking and sense of panic.

The effects of FORCE spray are temporary and will cause no permanent damage.

Force Spray’s active ingredient is oleoresin capsicum (OC) the same ingredient used by all major police forces.

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